Home Kid.

College didn’t suit. Anyway, he doesn’t have time for that…. He’s working 5 days a week for a local moving company (and then going to the gym afterward), taking a welding class at night, campaigning through the wilds with other Dungeon warriors, and looking for a fiddle teacher.

I’m pretty happy to have him home.

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UMaine Refugees

2/3 of the UMaine dormitories were evacuated due to nearly state-wide power loss on Monday and Tuesday; students were supposed to spend the night on the gym floor at the rec center. Cyrus found space in a dorm that was connected to the generator, but Cleo and Ed opted to come down here, where our block escaped storm damage.

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“College sucks.”

So says the mechanical engineering major who purposefully overloaded his schedule this semester. We’ve been lucky to have him come home a couple of times this fall to catch a breather.

Also, he says, “Stacking wood is way better than college.” I think most of us know that.

As a reward for stacking, he got to try his hand at splitting.

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Shrieks and giggles

My life, my kids, they are always running around making so much noise; so much of it is happy noise. Right now the youngest three are outside running and shrieking wildly, and there is so much laughter mixed in. My kids really *like* each other. I know I have stated ad nauseum the reasons we chose homeschooling; one big part of that decision was a hope that we could have real, true sibling relationships.

And so we have.

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Four hours at the lake.

Three days into autumn and it was 85 degrees in southern Maine; 90 degrees 2 hours north of here where the big kids are at uni. We didn’t make it to our favorite lake all summer, but we managed it Monday with a couple of other families.

This was not, in fact, a white-balance problem: the lake and sky really were all this impossible shade of white. I still can’t get over it.

Plenty of people enjoying a day at the state park… not at all full, but more visitors than I expected.

Four hours of peace and nature; it was a hard decision to leave. I’m so glad we rearranged our week to fit this in! Now, we’re getting ready to go to Orono to see the siblings where it is still 90 degrees! Ooof!

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Not X-Files.

But it could be, couldn’t it?

Just flood lights over an athletic field on a saturated foggy night.

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A young woman’s bookcase, loaded with classics.

She’s leaving for France this Saturday. Then she’ll turn 23 and will spend a year teaching Francophones how to speak beautiful English. She says I can visit with her books as much as I want, because they are sure to be lonely.

A mini-tilma, from Guadalupe, because she went there too.

This 1763 historic home predates most of the volumes on those shelves, save Shakespeare and the Word of God.

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September beach.

Hampton, NH, after Labor Day.

Famous last words, “I don’t need to change, I’m not going in the water.”

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Different people are good at different things. My mother is good at having fun at all times.

A useful skill now that she has eleven grandchildren (9 boys!). Hopefully my parents are enjoying their visit to the left coast to see my brother and his three tiny people.

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